CNC Automatics Turning Center LNC-D Series

CNC Automatics Turning Center LNC-D Series
LNC-42D, LNC-51D, LNC-65D, LNC-80D, LNC-100D

CNC Automatics Turning Center

The Economic Way of Complete Machining, Turn & Mill Power Tools Turret, Counter Spindle, X/Z Slide and Back Machining

  • (-01)LNC42D-GANG (ME60; S802D; F0i Mate)
    Quick and easy for simple jobs subplate available as option.
  • (-02)LNC42D-G-8ST (ME60; S802D; F0i Mate)
    With hydraulic live tools, Both X or Z DIRECTION, Eccentric or cross drilling, Tapping and milling operations.
  • (-11)LNC42D-8ST-BM (S802D; ME68)
  • (-12)LNC42D-G-12LT (S802D; ME68)
  • (-13)LNC42D-12LT-BM (S840D; M730)
    Up to 12-position with live tooling, Good for turn and mill combination jobs.
  • (-21)LNC42D-8ST-BW-Z2X2 (S840D;M70)
  • (-22)LNC42D-12LT-BM-Z2X2 (S840D;M70)
    X2/Z2 slide for parting-off and simple turning units are available for complete machining.
    High speed, high precision bi-direction indexing turret 8 or 12-positon with coolant thru tool available.
    Indexing time is 0.35 seconds.
  • Best value, versatile machine available for all production shops.
  • Main spindle with infinite indexing, C-axis FUNCTION.
  • Several different arrangements to match your needs.
  • Short or oil-film automatic long bar feeder available as option.